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Breeding quality gun dogs for over 20 years.

We are a Vizsla family that for the last 25+ years have been dedicated to producing great Vizslas and Pudelpointers. We define "great" as the ideal pet/companion that also has tremendous prey drive and athleticism. Our dogs live with us and are hunted and participate in horse back field trials. We have been fortunate to have bred and won numerous National Field events including the 2018 National Vizsla Association Open Championship (Scout) proving the field ability of our dogs. More importantly however is that we are constantly getting affirmation that make our puppies have made wonderful additions to their families.

As part of our families our dogs spend a great deal of time with us on the lakes and often curled up on the couch enjoying fall football games, cookouts etc. Over years of breeding we have gone to great length to produce dogs that are world class bird dogs that are also exceptional family members and encourage our puppy buyers to require both. Our location in Western Kentucky puts us within a 3 hour drive of Louisville, St. Louis, Nashville and Memphis and we deliver pups to within 2 hours of Chicago & Indianapolis free of charge.

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Client Testimonials

Our male Vizsla, Chili, is the smartest dog we’ve ever owned. Maybe too smart. He’s scarily human oftentimes.. He’s been a joy to our lives and had Mark not helped talk me through the dogs and the characteristics of the particular litter and what he bred for, who knows what direction we would have gone. If we add another V to our family, I won’t hesitate to call Mark.

~ Laura Pitstick

We first spoke with Mark last year when deciding about bringing home our first Vizsla. Derby is about 9 months old now. He came from Clearview. His sire was Mark’s dog Simon. What has impressed me so much about Mark is his clear dedication to the breed. He went out of his way to help us. He referred us to a nearby family who had dogs from his line as well as Derby’s litter. Even though we did not get a pup directly from his kennel he has continued to communicate with us and offer excellent advice. For that reason as well as the quality of his dogs we will be bringing our second pup home from his kennel. I am a veterinarian and would happily recommend Mark and his kennel to a client.

~ Kim and Patrick Smith

Mark Sullivan is a new Vizsla owners dream. He stays engaged to ensure his puppies get the best start to a new family life. He is extremely knowledgeable and proactive in the care and training of the best breed out there for a family pet or field trial champion. In our case, our dog Jackie is both. Mark patiently walked us through the entry-level Derby Trial system and on to Gun Dog Trials. Our Vizsla, Jackie, has won several events thanks to Mark’s keen observations and experienced based recommendations. We can’t say enough or thank Mark for his love of our pet and the breed in general. Always there, patient, caring and just a super breeder and enthusiast, Mark is my vote for Breeder of the Year. Call him. Talk thru the characteristics of the breed and Mark Sullivan will make your Vizsla journey the best possible experience you can have as a “Hungarian Pointer” owner.

~ Mark Held